Gebed van Women’s Ordination Worldwide

Women’s Ordination Worldwide zet zich al jarenlang in voor vrouwen in het ambt. Daarvoor voeren zij actie en worden er conferenties georganiseerd, maar er verschijnen ook regelmatig nieuwsbrieven met mooie teksten.

Onderstaand gebed werd in mei geschreven ter gelegenheid van Vocation Day (7 mei)

WOW Prayer

O Holy One, You who are Creator of all,
who made humanity in Your image

Saviour of all, who called women and men
to witness Your ministry, death and resurrection,

Inspirer of all who seek and serve,

We thank You for the women You have blessed with Your call
to celebrate the Eucharist,
to minister alongside their brothers in a renewed Roman Catholic Church.

We pray that the Church will soon welcome and nourish to the full
the gifts of women as priests, prophets and leaders,
knowing, as Mary of Nazareth knew,
that with You all things are possible.



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